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About Us

Built with passion

Having a passion for our earths natural elements and a sense of serenity working with wood, "Northern Michigan Live Edge Co." was established in 2017 and is no longer considered a hobby. At NM Live Edge our focus is to provide 100% salvaged and re-purposed wood products that typically finds its way into waste sites or left to rot. We are committed to recycling dead, diseased, or storm damaged trees by providing truly unique slabs of wood and hand crafted finished products that our customers can enjoy for generations to come. We carefully select each log we mill, it’s in our belief this process leaves a minimal impact on our forested lands and allows us to provide one of a kind Live Edge pieces full of character for DIY wood workers and artisans alike.

Not your typical sawmill

Our mission is not  one of a typical sawmill! With our commitment to using recycled trees we can offer a low cost solution for your next tree removal (See our "Services" tab).  This is a win-win for everyone, we can re-purpose your problem tree and save you money  with the tree service expenses plus you receive gratification your trees will receive new life for several years to come.  In the field we handle each tree with care when they are removed, loaded, and hauled to our mill where we transform the trees into usable Live Edge slabs. Our process also allows NM Live Edge the ability to go from raw log to beautiful finished products such as Kitchen counter tops to be installed.

For fun

During our down time when were not busy cutting, sanding, routering or building, our favorite way to pass time is simply spending it in Northern Michigan woods. We love exploring our vast natural surroundings, whether it'sa trek through the backwoods or a stroll along Lake Michigan’s shore line, we always seem to find that refreshing solitude and often coming home with little prized tokens of nature we’ve collected along the way.